RoboHelp 10

RoboHelp 10 Mobile: Multiscreen HTML5 Outputs

Are you a RoboHelp shop but also watching the growth of “mobile” and debating whether to go mobile too? But are the uncertainties holding you back? Uncertainties like…

  • What is “mobile” anyway?
  • Which authoring tool to use?
  • Are the tools hard to learn?
  • Do we have to become programmers?
  • And more…

While “mobile” may be a new market, RoboHelp 10 can let you test the mobile waters without having to buy and learn new tools. This class will show you how and get you going quickly.

The class starts by introducing the overall mobile “ecology” – market forces, terminology, and technical options. The class then moves into the specifics of creating mobile using RoboHelp 10, with a focus on smartphones and tablets. Finally, the class discusses content creation and design issues, some obvious and some not, related to delivering our material on screens the size of sticky notes.

This one-day hands-on class is aimed at RoboHelp authors who need a quick introduction to RoboHelp 10’s features to start converting legacy projects to mobile or creating new projects just for mobile. The course assumes that attendees have training in RoboHelp 10, 9, or 8, or experience creating at least one RoboHelp project using any of those versions.

The Mobile “Ecology”

  • Rationales
  • Terminology
  • Delivery Mechanisms

RH10 Mobile

  • Screen Profiles
  • Screen Layouts
  • Styles, Stylesheets, and Media-Specific Styles
  • Generate Output
  • Publish

Other Considerations in Going Mobile

  • Content
  • Design
  • Management
  • Publishing