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Q Tips, a new section lists unsolicited BBQ restaurant recommendations that showed up in my email.  Congratulations to my wife Connie for coming up with the name. Q Tips.  

Our neighbors to the north also enjoy BBQ 

Sal’s Birdland

Rochester , NY

BBQ chicken chain in the Rochester area. There’s a site near the airport, very convenient for picking up sauce on the way home from a job. Very good, juicy chicken. Excellent, explosive mustard and vinegar based sauce with lots of red pepper flecks floating around in it. By varying the amount of sauce, you can get the chicken ranging from SissyBird to, as I recall, Nuclear. Go Nuclear but expect your tongue and the corners of your mouth to go numb.

Introduced to the place in the early 80s by my brother Jay who attended the University of Rochester and would send me 6-packs of sauce as birthday presents.

Overall rating – Excellent.

Dinosaur Barbecue

246 W. Willow St .
Syracuse , NY

99 Court St.
Rochester , NY

646 W. 131 st St .
New York , NY

Note that two people independently recommended this place. Thanks to Robert Galloway and Gary Levine.

Robert Galloway

Next time you are in NYC, I would invite you to visit Dinosaur Barbeque.

It’s around the corner from my apartment here in Manhattanville in what has become an unexpectedly trendy part of town — the Hudson River shore above 125th Street.  (Columbia University is planning to expand its School of the Arts into that neighborhood.)

I thought that being buried in a former meat packing district in the wrong end of town, under the West Side highway, would make this one venture doomed to failure. To my utter amazement, the house is packed every weekend. I couldn’t even get a reservation on a Saturday night.

I am no expert on BBQ, but the catfish is good, and you can’t beat the look of the place. They made it look like it’s been on the block for the last 60 years.

Gary Levine

I always wanted to go on a bar b q tour of the US like on Travel Channel and Food Network. Taking daughter to look at schools in south will take me to Tenn , NC and Va. Going to tast my way while she looks at schools.

The Dinosaur is the upstate NY rage. I work next door and eat there often. The atmosphere is unique-the waitresses all have an edge, the diverse clientele, the long daily waits, the lack of parking and all in a old former RR building. Great place with consistently great food.

“Dinosaur Bar-B-Que kicked into gear in 1983 when John Stage, a Harley-loving biker with a taste for barbecue, took to the road cooking sandwiches on a sawed-in-half 55-gallon drum at “biker gigs” up and down the East Coast. Stage sampled world-class barbecue in Virginia , Texas , North Carolina , and Memphis , soaking up “the Southern barbecue vibe” (and picking up Creole, Asian, and Cuban influences along the way) before setting up shop in Syracuse , New York , in 1988. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: An American Roadhouse captures the reach-out-and-taste-it smell of slow-cooked barbecue that hits you two blocks away from the “genuine honky-tonk rib joint,” where outfront a row of gleaming Harleys stand at attention and inside a sassy, ready-to-bust-your-chops wait staff cuts through the eclectic crowd of bikers, students, suits, and blues lovers (there’s live music almost nightly), serving up half-racks of Dinosaur-Style Ribs, Texas Beef Brisket, and Honey Hush Corn Bread.” www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1580082653/104-5755351-8630311.

My NYC CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained chef brother-in-law loves the Rochester Dino and recently visited the new NYC opening (the third Dino), he liked it but said it was not as good as Rochester or the original in Syracuse .

A review of the NYC version can be found at www.metroland.net/back_issues/vol_25_no15/dining_review.html
If you ever find your way to Upstate NY, check it out.

Overall rating – None given but it sounds good.